Security Team

Mason the Wonder Dog (as he is known around the farm and on social media!) may not be an alpaca, but don’t tell him that! Mason protects our herd from things that go bump in the night and the terrors that walk by day. He does such a good job he has been promoted to CEO of Sneaky Dog Protection Service!
Casey is one of the newest members of our security force. She is a gentle soul, who can often be found with the youngest members of the herd, or hanging back in fields keeping a watchful eye on her charges. She is protective of all the critters here on the farm, but loves nothing better than a nap in the sun when her watch is up.
Colby came to us at the same time as her sister, Casey. Colby likes to guard ther perimeter , so you’ll find her patrolling the fences and gates. She’s gentle with her charges, but aloof to anything new. She’s the first to sound the alarm and meet the threat head on. She takes her job seriously, but is always up for a snuggle with the cria, a quick wrestling match with her sister, or a hug from her favorite people.
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