In Memorium

There are animals that come along once in a lifetime. We have been blessed to have more than our share of those animals. This is just our place to honor the “lifetime” animals that have allowed us to share time with them. We are blessed and honored to have had the opportunity.

SBS Crown Prince Friedel 07/01/2002- 02/03/2019

Friedel was the Grand Gentleman of the farm. He was a calm, steady boy with some of the greatest facial expressions ever. We were thrilled when he came to live on our farm, and devastated when we lost him. He was the total package- looks, conformation, personality, amazing fiber, and the ability to pass his outstanding qualities on to his offspring. To say he was a cornerstone of our herd doesn’t quite describe what this boy meant to us. He was a joy to have on the farm, and sired multiple outstanding offspring. We are lucky enough to have offspring from Friedel to carry on his legacy . We are still amazed we got to spend time with this boy, and are honored to have been his shepherds.

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