Get Ready to SHOP!

The farm is growing and we are expanding our offerings beyond in person sales to online sales of fiber, yarn, roving, etc.

Look for our shop HERE

We hope to have everything up and running by the first of next week.  Once we are live, I’ll add a link to the page on a more permanent basis

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So What have you been doing?

Farmer David and I have been quite busy and updating the website has fallen to the last chore on the list.  To be honest, some days it doesn’t even make the list BUT the critters have given us an earful about being more responsible when it comes to the web page.  We, Farmer David and I, have made a promise to the crew to be more dutiful about it, so here’s a brief recap of what’s gone on: Continue reading

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Welcome to our slice of heaven!

Welcome to our slice of heaven!

January 12, 2016

The Good Shepherdess

Hello, friends!  We welcome you to our blog!  This is a new adventure for us, so I’m sure there will be some bumps in the road.  Bear with us, and together we can work it out.

In the meantime, let us know what you would like to see on the blog.  Do you want to know more about alpacas in general?  We can do that!  What do you do with them?  We can do that, too!  Learn about our herd?  Got it covered.  Want to schedule a time to visit with the crew? Done!

We want you to feel like the blog is an interactive place where you can feel free to comment and add suggestions.  A quick preview into some of the topics we will be covering soon:  What’s an Alpaca?, Alpaca 101, Fiber & Fleece.

Thank you for sharing a part of your day with us!  We truly appreciate it!  If you found something you liked, please pass our site along and give us a like or two on social media!

We can be found at




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