Caring for your Alpaca garment

Congratulations on your choice to wear alpaca! With proper care, your alpaca garment will become a personal favorite or perhaps even a family heirloom.

In order to keep your alpaca garment clean and in good shape for many years, we have included these tips:

1. Hand wash all items. We recommend Unicorn Fibre Wash, available at or Baby Shampoo or other mild shampoo can also be used

2. Make sure the water temperature stays the same for wash and rinse. We recommend cool to lukewarm water (100-105 degrees) Don’t use extremely hot or cold water

3. Add one drop of wash into your wash water, swish to mix, then add your item.

4. Gently submerge item and let sit for up to 20 minutes.

5. Rinse with the same temperature water as your wash. Gently submerge item and let sit for up to 20 minutes. If the water is significantly colored, repeat wash and rinse.

6. Do not pull, stretch, or twist your item. Gently squeeze excess water from item and lay flat to dry. 7. DO NOT USE WOOLITE OR OTHER SIMILAR WOOL WASHES AS THEY CAN BE TOO HARSH FOR ALPACA

8. When not in use, store your clean alpaca item in a sealed cedar chest, closed bag, or another moth protected environment, away from light.

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