Our Story

Hi! We are David and Christine Rogers, The Good Shepherd and Shepherdess here at Rocking Chair Farm.

We are a family owned alpaca farm nestled at the base of House Mountain in East TN.

Our love affair with alpacas started in 2013 and our farm was established in 2014.  Since that time, our “critters” have firmly established themselves not only in our hearts, but also our souls.

We are currently home to a growing herd of huacuya and suri alpacas, as well as Mason the Wonder Dog , and Casey and Colby , our team of Livestock Guardian Dogs

What makes us different from the rest? We are devoted to raising the finest quality alpacas and furthering the breed, but we firmly believe in the magic these “critters” bring to a farm.  We love to educate our friends and neighbors about what makes these guys so magical; from the fiber they possess to their personalities.

 Just minutes away from the Smokies, downtown Knoxville, and many local attractions.  We offer interactive farm tours, educational events and workshops.  Shop for unique gifts in our farm store, or experience a day in the life of an alpaca farmer,led by the farmers themselves! Come check us out, stay a while and learn more about our story and the story of each animal here.  See if you don’t fall in love, too!


12 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Sharon Trevathan

    We had a great time at Rocking Chair Farm this afternoon- fun and informative. Both kids and adults loved interacting with the animals.
    Thanks so much.


  2. Robin Helton

    Hello, I would love to visit your farm. Could you explain “Hours by appointment only”? Please let me know how I can schedule a visit. Thanks, wishing you a blessed day.


    • Hi Robin
      We only accept visitors by a scheduled appointment.
      If you would like to visit our farm, you can schedule your visit under the Schedule a Visit tab at the top of our website.


    • Hi Robin
      As a working farm, we only accept visitors with a scheduled appointment.
      If you would like to visit our farm, you can schedule under the Schedule a Visit tab on our website


  3. Sharon

    Do you offer tours anytime between now and Nov 8? If so, how much does it cost? How far are you from Pigeon Forge?


    • Hi Sharon! Thanks for contacting us. We are approximately 30minutes from most of Pigeon Forge. All of our available tour hours are listed on our site under the Schedule a Visit tab
      We would love to introduce you to our herd and look forward to seeing you


  4. Sharon

    I would like to visit your farm today or tomorrow if possible? 321-698-1802


  5. Sarah kee

    Are you still doing the adoptions?


  6. Bridget Cannon

    Hi I teach kindergarten. Could you tell me more about your educational program and do you do field trips during the school year?


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